Shaun Stubley Black


The fabulous Ferrari 512 was developed from their legendary “P” series, and was built to contest the 1970 World Sportscar Championship. Ferrari new they would be in direct competition with Porsche and their 917. The early 512s was distinguished by its long aerodynamic rear bodywork, and was known as the “coda longa”. Le Mans was a priority, and 11 cars were entered, but it was not to be, with all but two cars failing and 917s coming in first and second. It wasn’t all bad for Ferrari as their two surviving cars did come in fourth and fifth. The 512s was further developed, with the most visible result being the shorter truncated rear tail; this became the 512m “modificato”. The car was to all intents and purposes dropped by Ferrari for the 1971 season as they concentrated on their new 312PB, as rule changes had been announced for the upcoming 1972 season which outlawed the big 5 litre cars. Car number 8 was driven in the 1970 Le Mans by Arturo Merzario and Clay Regazzoni, sadly crashing out in the rain, when Regazzoni hit two other Ferrari’s.

Ferrari 512S Coda Longa





Oil on canvas