Shaun Stubley Black


The Le Mans 24 hours has a very special atmosphere, with teams busying themselves with last minute checks and preparations prior to the lull before the storm that is the 24 hours. The Porsche 917 is inextricably linked to the event, further reinforced by Steve McQueen’s epic 1971 film “Le Mans” which perfectly captures the period. A lot of the footage was filmed at the actual 1970 event, with the camera car used to record some of the race footage actually finishing in ninth position, although not classified due to having not covered the required distance. This is a mythical picture as no Gulf Porsche 917 ever ran at Le Mans displaying the number two. I have included it as a tribute to one of my all time favourite drivers, Pedro Rodriguez, who won with this number at Daytona in 1970.

Pit Lane Briefing





Oil on canvas