Shaun Stubley Black


Rodriguez Rains

The third round of the 1970 World Sportscar Championship, the Brands Hatch BOAC 1000km, produced a true classic. Held on the 12th of April, the event unfortunately coincided with a large thunderstorm and conditions were appalling. The Gulf sponsored number 10 John Wyer Automotive  Porsche 917k driven by Pedro Rodriguez and Leo Kinnunen started well down the field, with Rodriguez at the helm. He quickly passed numerous cars to end up in second place. Unfortunately a first lap shunt had resulted in a yellow flag being deployed.  Rodriguez had failed to notice it and had passed a number of cars whilst under the yellow, resulting in him being black flagged. Once he had been suitably chastised about the manner of his driving, he rejoined the field in 12th place. Pedro, with characteristic understatement, said he then “had to drive very hard”, which hardly begins to describe what followed; which was simply one of the greatest wet weather drives of all time. He carved his way to the lead, only to lose it during a tyre change. He quickly regained it, sliding round corners and powering down the straights in a breathtaking display of driving skills. Kinnunen barely got a look in, only driving for a quarter of the race. Rodriguez never looked back and won by an amazing five laps. In the words of John Wyer, he simply “ran away and hid from the field”. It was a virtuoso performance.





Oil on canvas