Shaun Stubley Black


The 1970 World Sportscar Championship was one of the greatest ever, and its eighth round, the Le Mans 24 hours was very special indeed, being billed as the “Battle of the Titans”, with  no less than 11 Ferrari 512s’ taking on 7 Porsche 917s. It is also famous as the template for Steve McQueen’s epic 1971 film “Le Mans”, with most of the film’s racing footage being shot during this event from a Porsche 908. In the film McQueen’s character, Michael Delaney, drives a Gulf sponsored 917 carrying the number 20, whilst his rival, Eric Stahler, played by Siegfried Rauch, drives the number 8 Ferrari 512s. In reality the number 20 Gulf sponsored John Wyer Automotive Engineering Porsche 917 was piloted by Jo Siffert and Brian Redman, whilst the number 8 Ferrari 512s had Arturo Merzario and Clay Regazzoni at the helm. It turned out to be a dismal race for Ferrari, with 9 of their 512s’ failing to finish, but a great one for Porsche who took the top three positions. Here the Siffert/Redman 917 leads the Merzario/Regazzoni 512s into the rain, which started to fall at around 5.30p.m.  Neither car finished, with the wet weather causing Regazzoni to crash into both  the team Scuderia Fillipinetti Ferrari 512s’ being piloted by Mike Parkes and Reine Wisell, and the Porsche failing after 156 laps, whilst being piloted by Jo Siffert, due to a blown engine.

Running In The Rain





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