Shaun Stubley Black


The Corvette is the ultimate American automotive icon, and the C3 variant proved to be a very handy race car, especially when built by John Greenwood. Raced by such legends as Don Yenko, John Greendyke, Robert Johnson and Greenwood himself, in both short track SCCA races as well as international endurance events, these Corvettes proved to be very competitive. John Greenwood along with his co-driver, the comedian Dick Smothers, won the 1971 Sebring 12 hours, and in doing so secured a sponsorship deal with B.F. Goodrich tyres. Following this he initially built up two cars on roadster chassis’, installing a modified and ridiculously powerful 750bhp V8 7 litre all alloy ZL1 engine. He campaigned them at every opportunity as the crowds loved the loud and raucous Corvettes in their famous Stars and Stripes Lifesafer Radial livery Greenwood had designed especially for them. The sponsorship deal, however, came at a price, as performance was often hampered when running against slick shod opposition. In all Greenwood built three cars, numbered 48, 49 and 50. Between them these brutes competed in the Ohio 6 hours, Sebring 12 hours, Daytona 12 hours and the Le Mans 24 hours of 1972 and ’73. The cars failed to finish on both occasions but Greenwood did set a class top speed record when his car was measured at 211mph down the Mulsanne straight.

Stars ‘n’ Stripes





Oil on canvas